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cheering for scott keyes.

Sticking with the dance culture post from a few days ago...

If someone saves you thousands of dollars while enabling you to do something you love to do, well I mean, you have to cheer them on. 

I don't know Scott, but that doesn't really matter. I know he's left-handed (like me) I know he loves to travel (like me) and I know he's been to 45 countries (like I want to do) and I know he enabled my family and I to get tickets to Hawaii for $350 round trip and tickets to Sweden to see Isaac for $520 round trip. Yes, round trip from Seattle. 

If you like to travel. If you want to travel. If you're thinking about traveling to Hawaii and/or another country you have to sign up today. It's $39 a year. Yes, you'll save at least 4 times that if you buy one ticket a year. 

So, to Scott. I applaud you, jump up and down and celebrate, half because it seems you've created an amazing life for yourself and you're killing it, and half because you're helping me to do the same. I mean isn't that what this is all about? 

So, Scott, keep dancing. Please. I love the way you dance and help me to do the same. 


cheering for isaac.