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I hear it often. I've said it often. I heard it just today." I'm looking for a moderate. I'm tired of both sides."

Which sounds great, on the surface...

But isn't that realistic. 

Are you looking for a moderate on your side? Or on their side? What makes someone a moderate? They agree with you... just enough? They disagree with you... just enough and in the right way? And what about the extremes on both sides? Do they have moderates? Are they similar to your moderates or are they on "one of the sides" according to you? 

A moderate is just our moderate. What we really mean is, "I want someone who agrees with me. I'm tired of both sides who disagree with me for different reasons." 

Here's a better game to play. 

Listen. To everyone. No one is the way they are without some kind of reason for being that way. Including you. Including me. Hunt, search, find, those reasons. That's where the gold is. 

Not in moderates like you. Or me. 

to the critic. one.

cheering for scott keyes.