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dance culture.

I don't know if you've watched So You Think You Can Dance and I don't know if the television show is representative of the broader dance culture but let's pretend it is. 

The thing I love is the support for one another.  The cheering and applauding when someone does a good job. They get so excited when a competitor - yes a competitor - does well. That person may have just cost them a chance of their own at something amazing but they are giddy and over the moon anyway. 

They can't help but appreciate good dance when they see it. They can't help but hope their greatest competitors do well. They can't help but jump up and down at something great. 

It's beautiful when it happens. And it's in other spots. Authors will praise books for one another. Athletes will recognize a fellow competitor here and there. As will actors. 

So, with that in mind, I want to cheer and congratulate and jump up and down for some people that are doing awesome things the rest of the week. Even if they are direct competitors. 

It's so much more freeing, alive, and beautiful. 

cheering for aaron mchugh.

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