These have been created, produced and shipped, in one way or another. 
Often, with lots of help from others. But still. 
They were ideas and they now exist. And that's a good feeling. 

08 Left. Art/Design for the love of travel and flight. 

08 Left Podcast. The literal and figurative journeys. 

Branches. A spirit community. 

Cleaning Church Toilets. A nonfiction book. 

Direction. Creative consulting for you.

Everything Breathes. A nonfiction book.

Inkarri. A fiction book. 

Insipid. A novel. Arriving November 29th.

Lights Like Us. A 2018 live event. Now a podcast.

Mango Ink. Stationery design for weddings and holidays (and some branding). 

The Naked Fruit. A nonfiction book. 

People Do. Posters/designs for the power of people. 

Republic of Equal. A line of apparel - to make a change. To unite. (Sold.)

The Wax. A podcast. (No longer available.)