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cheering for isaac.

Sticking with the dance culture post from a few days ago...

Some may call this cheating, since Isaac is my son. But, either way, as a dad it's really cool to be proud of your kids in ways that are beyond just parenting. 

Isaac left two days ago to study for Sweden in 4 months. It's not an especially easy thing for anyone but if you know Isaac, you know that leaving by yourself, knowing no one, to study in another country, is not your favorite thing. 

He went because he wants to grow, to evolve, to see the world, and to challenge himself. And he's writing a blog about it while he's there. 

So, yeah, he's my son, but that means even more to me. I'm smiling, I'm cheering and I'm jumping up and down for Isaac and his adventures in Sweden!! And anyone who challenges themselves to grow, to evolve, and to see the world. 

I like the way you dance Isaac! 

cheering for scott keyes.

cheering for joel barbour.