freedom from idols.

I've been thinking a lot about idols - visual manifestations of a deity used to worship the deity. It seems that even though many humans, especially religious folk, talk a good game about getting rid of idols, what we usually mean is substituting our idols for the other idols. 

Which has been done through human history. My god is better than yours. 

On July 4th, you can often see the idols of the gods of capitalism, empire, militarism, and tribalism all over the place. Which is ironic, because when you have an idol, you're never free. Idols demand sacrifice of some kind. Always have and always will. Which is interesting to think about when you have a God that makes a commandment to make no idols. Ever. 

This Independence Day find some true freedom. Not from another idol or an old idol or another tribe's idols but from the idea of idols altogether. 

Happy Independence Day! 

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