they never leave.

There are these little black fish with white dots and blue eyes. Tiny little guys. 

We didn't see many but the ones we did see were always in the same spot. Always. They sat around this little reef, and on that reef, guarded a small section. Each of them never left that section, no matter when we saw them. 

Looking from above, I had all kinds of thoughts. 

1. I wonder if there is a reason.

2. You guys realize there is a big reef here, right? 

3. You guys realize there are a few more of you, right on the other side of the reef, right? 

4. What are you guarding?!? 

5. You guys realize there are some really cool things in this ocean all around you, right? 

They might be the most brave fish in the ocean. I'm not sure. I've tried finding information about them. But, from my vantage spot, I felt like their answer to every question would be... are you kidding? It's dangerous out there! 

Which reminded me, again, to not act like those fish (or at least my perception of them). There's too much ocean out there. 

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