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more, more aloha.

It's a little tourist-y which is unfortunate, because, again, the word is amazing. 

How can a word mean hello and goodbye? Shouldn't that be two different words? They mean separate things, right? 

Yet, every time we say goodbye to one thing, we say hello to another. Every time we say hello to one thing we say goodbye to another. You can't have a life of hello's without some goodbye's and you can't have a life of goodbye's without hello's. 

Saying goodbye to Hawaii is never fun. Especially after a vacation. Goodbye's of any kind are usually a little less fun. But instead of saying goodbye, we've been saying "aloha" of course, Not because it's the Hawaiian thing to do but because we mean it.

Yes goodbye to Hawaii and hello to all kinds of other beautiful things in this world that Hawaii has enabled us to see and that we might see again and that we will see because we aren't in Hawaii. 

It doesn't hurt the word also means love because love is all over most hello's and goodbye's and when both are draped in love, well it makes them all the better. 

Goodbye. Love you. Can't wait to see what's next. 

All in one hopeful, open-ended, inspiring word: aloha. 

freedom from idols.

fear, of course.