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only the bottom.

Most of us have someone to look up toward - more successful, more wealthy, more beautiful - and someone to look down toward - less successful, less wealthy, less beautiful. We can choose to do either, although neither are beneficial.

We're all equal. 

But since most of us do have someone to look down to, and feed our ego, we'll take the pain of hierarchy, the pain of knowing there are some who are "better than us" as long as we have the option to also look down and feel better. 

It's only those on the bottom who have no incentive for hierarchy or elitism of any kind and thus don't crave it for ego. They only despise it for the damage it does. They are not addicted to it. 

Blessed are those on the bottom, Jesus said, for they will inherit the kingdom of God. They will begin to see the world as egalitarian as it is supposed to be. 

I don't say this to assuage our ego that it's okay there are those on the bottom. It's not. 

I say this to convict us all to stop playing a game where there is a bottom and a top and to give up the ego boost in order to find actual life and to be with those who are finding it more than we are.   

equal. equal.