365 days ago I started blogging again. I was going to look at my stats, find the "most read" post, you know... 

Instead, though, I resisted  (I haven't looked at stats in a long time and I don't on a regular basis) because that's not what this has ever been about. 

Instead, I reflected. 

I've had to consciously observe, coherently create, and write 365 things that I would not have had to do if I didn't have this blog. What a success. Whether a million people read it or not, I have become better at consciously observing, coherently creating, and writing, through good posts and bad posts, through spelling errors and new words, and through being consistent. That is all I could have hoped for. 

So, thank you for reading when you do, commenting when you do, forwarding when you do and helping me get better. I hope you're encouraged to keep getting better too, in whatever you do. Or start something today!

Here's to another 365!

thoughts, creativersjm