have you been?

I doubt you've ever been asked "Do you believe in Boston?" Or... Do you believe in Sweden? Do you believe in Iraq? Do you believe in Miami? 

I assume you've been asked something along the lines of "Have you been to _______?" 

And, if asked, we generally don't answer, "Oh yeah, well basically... I mean I watched an amazing video of ________." Or "Basically, yes, I read an amazing book about _______."  

The reason we don't answer that way is because we all know that's not an acceptable answer. There is so much more than just seeing... there is smelling, there is feeling, there is an energy and a culture and senses that we can't even begin to describe when we actually go there

And yet... 

"Do you believe in God?"

I think we should start moving on from the idea that God is something we believe in or not... to God is a place we go to, live in... or not. 

And the only interesting answers are the stories of us going, living, being, experiencing... or not.

And why... or why not.  

Similarly, resurrection, heaven, miracles, etc... "Well, basically, I read an amazing story about...." is never as interesting as "Yes, let me tell you, it was amazing," or "No, have you been there?"





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