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make it good.

Some perceive the ability to choose well, to be the best wisdom. In other words, there are two decisions in front of us, and since we choose the right one, our life gets on the great path. We don't choose the bad decision and thus, ruin our life on the wrong path. 

Under this line of thought, people who choose well are successful. 

I was just on the phone late last night who believed this way and was stressing himself out. 

There is another kind of "wisdom"... making the best decision. 

In other words, there are two choices and whichever one we choose, we then have the option to make it the best one, or to... not. If we believe we "chose" the wrong one for the rest of our life there will be some self-fulfilling prophecy that comes in, and it will probably end up that we did... but not because we chose wrong... because we made wrong. 

So choosing right is important. Of course. Making it the right choice might be more important. 


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