Some moms are still with us. 
And some have chosen somewhere else to be. 
Or left this body entirely. 

Some say good riddance. My mom is not missed. 
Some say she's left a hole that will never be filled. 

Some moms are models of trust and inspiration
Some are models of abandonment and selfishness.

Some want to be moms more than anything. 
Some wonder why they ever wished that.
Some consider it their greatest accomplishment. 

Some moms are heroes. 
Some are the villains. 

My mom is Wonder Woman. 
My mom is a whore. 

I've heard it all. The spectrum is wide. 

My mom made me who I am. 
My mom told me the world would be better without me. 
If God is real, why can't I be a mom? 
Why don't my kids love me? 
I live to be a mom. 

I can only say this. 
Every single mom is worthy of our thanks.  

She brought life into his world. 
Raw, pure, brilliant, infinite, extravagant life. Of endless possibilities. 
She carried life.  Delivered life. 

And that is something we should all try to emulate
and be grateful for. 

Especially today.