it doesn't work.

I have a good friend who knew the victim of Freeman High from summer camps. 
I have another friend who's son is dating the sister of one of the girls who was shot. 
My wife has cried numerous times. 

I would say I understand the grief but I don't. I can't understand what a mom who lost her husband in June and her son on Wednesday is possibly feeling. I don't think any of us can. 

So, I type, with humility... 

We can't say #freemanstrong and continue to bully someone in the same feed. 

It doesn't work. 

We can't say "Praying for Freeman" and then hope the shooter "burns in Hell" a second later. 

It doesn't work. 

We can't say "When will this end?" and then "We need more guns." 

It doesn't work. 

"Thank God that he had jammed that AR-15 so badly that it was not going to function," said Knezovich.

The shooter brought two guns: an assault rifle and a pistol. The assault rifle was jammed, we thank God. We can't thank God for a gun that didn't function while refusing to help God help more guns not function. 

It doesn't work.

So we pray, sure. We support in any way we can, of course. We cry, by all means.

But we also work to love our enemies, we work to see people that feel invisible, and we work to reveal our national infatuation with guns and our national fear of any kind of restriction in regards to that right.

Jesus seemed to indicate that has a better chance of working.