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politically correct.

Sometimes it seems like one group is politically correct and another group is tired of being accused of not being political correct. I'm not sure how accurate that narrative is.  

"Politically correct" implies not saying things or doing things that will offend a particular group of people. 

Fair enough. Like everything though, what does that mean? 

Can I offend racists? 
Can I offend the LGBTQ community? 
Can I offend the military? 
Can I offend Muslims? 
Can I offend Christians? 
Can I offend gun owners? 
Can I offend minorities? 
Can I offend privileged white males? 
Can I offend police officers? 
Can I offend the president? 
Can I offend Pharisees? 

Is disagreeing with someone offensive? 
How do I disagree and not offend, especially if disagreeing equates to an offense? 

Liberals are concerned with politically correctness. Yes. 
And so are Conservatives. 

Conservatives are sick of political correctness. Yes. 
And so are Liberals.

It's just the target groups that are different. 

I'm not racist if I'm critical of Affirmative Action... Conservatives shout. 
I'm not anti-military if I'm critical of standing for the National Anthem... Liberals shout. 

We have different opinions. We have different ideas on what the problems, and solutions, are. We arrange tribes based on those opinions and disagree with those who don't. 

Is any of this inherently wrong? Is political correctness possible? 

I don't know. 

If Jesus showed up today, I don't think Jesus would be seen as politically correct. Neither were the Pharisees. Both, arguably, complained about the other side's views and their offensive nature. 

(Of course one side solved the disagreement with violence and the other with love.) 

I wonder if we're shooting for something that isn't possible? Or even good? 

Much like a good marriage... it's not that partners don't fight. It's that they fight well. And they don't use violence. But love. (And words are often the most violent - which I think is obviously a good affect of political correctness... to use better, less offensive, words.) 

I wonder if the real problem though, is that we've lost our ability to fight, to disagree, and to still see the humanity and equality in the other. We've lost our ability to see the light of love and connection through the darkness of separation and violence.





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