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a sad day in freeman.

The virus has reached our part of the country: another school shooting. Another death of a student taken far too young a few miles south of Spokane.  

I, of course, don't have the answers to this sickness in our country. And any that do share ideas, are usually told to be quiet and stop politicizing something, or turning a tragedy into a pulpit or a whole host of other excuses to maintain the status quo.

So we grieve. We shed tears. We mourn. We try to empathize and show compassion. 

We remember.

We are the world leader in mass shootings and school shootings by such large margins that, it should embarrass every citizen of this country. We have a problem that other nations do not. Not anywhere near the levels we do. Hopefully, at some point we can stop our tears, stop our empty prayers and start doing something that prevents a tomorrow that will be filled with both... again. 

It's a sad day in Freeman for so many reasons. 






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