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cheering for aaron mchugh.

Sticking with the dance culture post from yesterday...

I got to meet Aaron for the first time in New York City. That, in itself, was pretty cool. Even cooler was the fact that we went to a Seth Godin conference together, with our wives. Even cooler, was Aaron. 

His story is long, full of big risks and big adventure but I'll sum it up this way: lots of people talk big. Aaron walks big. 

He's made lots of money. Sure. And left. He believes in a work, life, play balance and he's made big changes in order to find it. And he's making more changes. If you're struggling with too much work and not enough play - and thus, too little life - Aaron is a man to listen to. 

He writes books. Good books. Some free. Some endorsed by Seth Godin

He's got a brilliant podcast

He blogs

He runs an event called Reboot - along with his equally amazing wife Leith - that doesn't leave people the same way they come in. It's revolutionary and experiential and brilliantly crafted to help people find what's important and leave behind what isn't. 

There's more. Of course. But, the man is wise. He's fun. And he's living. 

I jump up and down for this guy. I clap my hands. I smile. The world needs to hear more of Aaron and his message. 

I like the way you dance Aaron McHugh! 

cheering for joel barbour.

dance culture.