more ant (and god) stories.

I was back on the porch watching ants the other day. 

There was a giant piece of tuna fish on our table. The fish was at least twice as big as the ant that was struggling with everything he had to drag it across the table. He left it a few times and finally came back for it a third time. Eventually, I couldn't help but help him. So I helped him nudge the piece of tuna closer to the edge while he continued to work. He fell of the table onto the deck and then started the long journey to the hill. I watched for a while but it was too stressful - I had to let him do his work. 

As I was watching the ant I thought of all the times that I've poisoned ants with powder because I didn't like where their hills were. I felt a little bad about it. 

And then I wondered what this is all like from the ant's perspective. 

First, this poor guy is trying with every muscle in his body to carry a piece of fish and suddenly it's easy. As though he's being helped by an unseen force. He's 100 times stronger. He'll tell his friends, I said a prayer and suddenly I was dragging this thing across the land like it weighed nothing. God was there!

Of course, other ant friends will say well that's nice that your god helped you then. Remember a few weeks ago when that snow like substance came down and a day later 90% of our colony was dead. Our family and friends. Where was your god then? Poisoning us himself? (In that example, unfortunately, yes.) 

Here's the danger. Just because we are terrible gods, one day interested and helping the ants, the next day killing thousands of them because they irritate us, doesn't mean other gods are. 

Just because our only experience of such power is to not really know what to do with it, doesn't mean other gods don't. 

On the same line of reasoning, just because we exist doesn't mean gods do. 

But, if there is a larger force in this universe I'm going to assume it's way more mysterious, more consistent with love and help, and better able to handle the power than me. 


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