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one more reason...

Back in June The Southern Baptists condemned a number of things at their convention including... 

Planned Parenthood.


The alt-right. 

One of those took much longer than expected and came only after leaders initially refused to take up the issue. 

Nope. Not gambling. The alt-right. 

The fact that any religious group had to debate about whether to bring up the idea of whether or not to debate to condemn a hate group - or the fact that it's not overtly obvious that all hate groups are already condemned - speaks to how incredibly weak and lame and unappealing some religious groups are.

And one more reason I prefer "aspiring mystic" to Christian. 

And one more reason, we continue to find ourself where we do as a nation. 

The only cure for the angst of modern man is mysticism. Thomas Merton



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