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want to see my pony?

True story.

A woman came by our house for a garage sale. After looking around for a bit, she approached my 12 year old daughter and said "I have a pony in my van. Do you want to see it?" 

Seriously? Isn't that the line that we tell our kids to never believe? The line that a) is utterly ridiculous and b) said only by pedophiles. 

"Uh..." I answered while my daughter was remembering the speeches she had heard about never going to a stranger's mini-van. Especially a stranger offering to show you a pony. 

"Oh," the woman answered. "That probably does sound pretty strange, huh?" 


"Well, c'mon, I"ll show you. It's right there." 

Sure enough, she slid open her van door and there was a pony eating some hay. A miniature horse standing on top of a tarp that had replaced the seats. "He just had surgery so he's a little dazed right now." 

Aren't we all...

Guess what? Sometimes... there is a pony in the van.

Be careful what you don't believe.
Be even more careful about telling people what they should and shouldn't believe.  
Be even more careful about calling people stupid, foolish, ignorant, naive, or just plain wrong. 


reason 107.