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reason 107.

Yet another reason that I no longer have time to defend Christianity as it is known in the United States today: The Nashville Statement. 

You can read about it here. You can read the statement here

In short, at a time when there is blatant racism in this country, at a time when this country is banning refugees who are fleeing persecution and suffering, at a time when government is approving and condoning violence as a solution to problems, at a time when our greed is consuming us from the inside out, at a time when Houston is drowning, the Christians decide to put out a statement condemning homosexuality, gay marriage, sex before marriage, and a host of other sexual sins. 

It's not that I even disagree with most of their "affirm" and "deny" statements (which I do). It's just the blatancy of their out of touch-ness with culture, with the times, with spirituality (in my opinion) and, even, with their own Holy Book, that I'm so happy to further remove myself from that tribe every day. 

In keeping with their 14 statements, I have my own...

I AFFIRM love and enough and worth and equality... and The Divine. 

I DENY anything that isn't, including, apparently, "evangelical Christianity" as represented by many of its leaders. 



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