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There's an event up in Idaho called Kidstock. 

One 9 year-old was explaining what it was to another 9 year-old. 

Kid A: What's Kidstock? 

Kid B: It's Woodstock for kids.

Kid A: Oh.

Me: What's Woodstock, Kid A? 

Kid A: Oh, I don't know. I just heard someone describe it that way. 

A few days later I was with someone who said they don't believe something I do, because they're a "Bible Believer". 

I could have said oh. Instead, I asked what a Bible Believer was. 

I might as well have been asking the 9 year-old for an explanation of Woodstock. 

Maybe we can stop using words without any kind of meaning that we understand? Even if everyone else is using them and seems to be really spiritual when they do? 


that accent.

the tarp.