the tarp.

We were setting up our tent and decided not to put on the tarp. The forecast was for pure sun. 

And you know the next line, right?

It rained.

We got up in the middle of the night and put on the tarp but we decided not to tie it down  because it wasn't windy. 

And you know the next line, right? 

The wind came barreling through and we got out of our wet sleeping bags to tie down the roof while it continued to rain. 

Was it because we were lazy?


Was it because we really didn't think there was a chance of rain? 


Was it because it's beautiful to sleep in a tent with no roof and stare up at the stars? 

For sure.

I suppose we weren't prepared. I was suppose we trusted a forecast. I suppose we thought wrong. 

But sometimes you just want to sleep under the stars - and you can deal with the rain if it comes.  

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