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Many small things make up something larger that can't be measured just by measuring the small things. 

You are not your nose. A tree is not a leaf. The universe is not a rock. 


Your nose is part of you. A leaf is part of a tree. A rock is part of the universe. 

It gets way more complicated, both biologically, philosophically, and even artistically. Too complicated. But, the general idea is that everything is made up of smaller pieces. 

Which leads some to ask what the human emergence is. In other words, what do all of us make up? 

Some answer god. Which would lead to... You are not god. We are god. Interesting. 

We could go farther and ask what everything in the universe makes up, or creates? The universe, of course. But, we could also answer god. 

The rock is not god. The rock is part of god. The tree is. The rabbit is. We are. Everything is god. Literally. All of it. 

Also interesting. 

I'm not sure you can find much about God in the Bible, or Christian history, that would not agree with the idea that God is the universe. Of course not in that kind of language, but in that kind of thinking. 

Interesting to think about. 


driving in the dark.