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After labeling a country a terrorist sponsor, the United States just sold them 5 fighter jets. 

The Southern Baptist Convention had an easy time condemning gambling and Planned Parenthood but struggled to condemn the alt-right movement. 

I was speaking to a friend who can tell me all the reasons gay marriage is wrong but none of the reasons marrying a divorced woman (mentioned specifically by Jesus as adultery) is okay. 

It's everywhere. In politics, religion, and life: the contradictions. It's on every side, in every faith, and with us all. But it's the contradictions that drive us crazy because a contradiction is a lack of ownership of the true motivations, the actual drive, and lived beliefs. 

Own the fact, that we'll sell weapons to anyone who will give us money. Because we, as a nation, worship money. 

Own the fact that you are racist religious group who believes that laws and rules will change the world. 

Own the fact that you read the Bible a certain way that makes you personally feel better. 

Once we start owning the facts, we can actually start having productive disagreements instead of frustration at so many continued inconsistencies. And don't get upset the next time someone points out your inconsistencies - just thank them. 


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