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toxic energy.

There is a certain person that comes to yoga and... well... really stands out. There's lots of energy around her. She stands when everyone sits. She rarely does the correct pose (different than not doing the pose correctly - like me), she tends to not flow with the rest of the class. She waves her hands a lot and falls very dramatically.

I'm not a pro. At all. Not even close. I'm as beginner as they get. But we're not talking about how well she does something. We're talking about an energy that she brings. 

I'm not saying she's a toxic person, but I am saying her energy is. For me. If I'm trying to balance, and she's near me, I always fall faster. If I'm just trying to be silent and calm, it's more difficult. She makes it harder to focus and stay present. 

So I move away and I try not to look at her. I go to the other side of the room. 

This is life in many ways. There are people that just throw you off. People that don't let you get the balance right. People that make it hard to just be still. Good people. Amazing people. But the energy is toxic when it blends with yours. So, get to the other side of the room and don't even look their way. 

You can always say hi, later, you can always give them a smile, but only after you've done what you need to do. 


two gods.