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power and trust.

After listening to an amazing podcast from Richard Rohr, in which he basically says that once Christianity is in power, it's not Christianity, I started thinking quite a bit about power. 

Do I want more power?
How do I know if I do or don't? 
What about trust? 
How is trust different than power? 
Do I want more trust? 

I'm not done reflecting, but I do have some thoughts: 

Power takes. 
Trust receives. 
Power takes via fear. 
Trust receives via love. 

Once someone trusts another, there is an inherent power. 
Once someone has power, there is not an inherent trust. It still must be earned through love.  

If your god takes power through fear, well... there might be a reason you don't trust that god. 

If your god earns trust through love, well... that's about as powerful as something can get. 

And we act like our gods. 

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