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talking tigers.

I was sitting at a red light getting a podcast ready when the guy hit me and slammed my car almost into the car in front of me. Fortunately, I was pretty relaxed and didn't see it coming so it didn't hurt too bad. 

Not cool. But, strangely enough, my first thoughts were that at least it was going to be on his insurance (if you rear-end someone it's pretty much always your fault) and I would probably be able to drive away since he didn't hit me too hard. 

I tried to smile and be nice but he came at me blurting out all kinds of things. 

He told me that this Uncle was hit by another car just yesterday and that a tiger had jumped out on the highway three days ago and his best friend had swerved into another car and wrecked his car and ended up hitting the tiger anyway. He then started going on about how everyone had lied to his uncle and his best friend and that those wrecks were not their fault but they acted like they were. 

"What are you talking about?" I asked, pretty simply. 

"Not my fault, man. There are tigers out there." 


"Yes! Didn't you hear me? They were on the highway last week." 

We then launched into an argument about tigers. I told him that there were not tigers anywhere - we then talked about Cat Tales - and we then talked about cages and zoos arguing that they don't actually let tigers out and, before I knew it, we were yelling at each other about the threat of tigers breaking into our homes and killing us. 

Yeah, you get it. None of this is real. 

Except it is. 

written in 1845.

power and trust.