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I'm Ryan. In High School I wrote these books for a fun little game my brothers were working on called Myst. It turned out the game wasn't so little and ended up selling over 12 million copies worldwide. I was going to school and my brothers started working on a sequel and I wondered why I was in school. So I left school and started cleaning bathrooms for Cyan. (We all have to earn our place.) 

I eventually designed worlds and puzzles, I wrote histories and characters and dialog, and I edited sound and videos and images. I even dressed up in a Moiety Scout costume and "acted".  I helped to create video games for over 10 years. 

During my time at Cyan, my wife and I had our third child and we needed a birthday invitation for her. I made one. My wife liked it. So, we started a company called Mango Ink that sold invitations to other people who might want them. That was over 12 years ago. It still rocks out holiday cards every fourth quarter. 

While at Cyan and doing Mango Ink on the side, I wrote some books. The first was a fiction book (Inkarri) and the second was a non-fiction (The Naked Fruit). I had an agent but no one jumped so I started to publish books myself through Mango Ink. Why not? I wrote a third non-fiction (Everything Breathes) a little later and another (Cleaning Church Toilets) after that.  

While at Cyan, a church - New Community - offered me a job. That made no sense (which made a lot of sense) so I took it and became a leader of a different kind. The chance to be creative in another venue - speaking - seemed fun. My first year  was like being thrown in the ocean and told to survive. I did. I actually loved it. 

In 2010 we began a different kind of community, Branches. I still clean bathrooms from time to time and and also speak about life, faith, humanity, and the divine. I also get to meet and talk to amazing human beings every week. 

In 2014, I took some of the wall art - especially the stuff centered around air travel, airplanes, and airports (more things I love) and moved it to its own site where it could live and breathe and thrive without holiday cards all around it. That site is called 08left

In 2016, I couldn't help but put some designs on some shirts, to try to speak a message and support some cool non-profits who are trying to bring more equality - I called that Republic of Equal. It was a few month experiment project. 

There's been some other projects and passions, and I  figured it would be nice to combine them all into one spot. 

So, here it is.

I have an amazing wife who I've been married to for over 23 years (and I still really really like her) and I have 3 pretty astounding kids.

I'm Ryan. I do have two middle initials. And this is my site.