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milk and honey

The movie The Hundred Foot Journey - great movie, by the way - says something along the lines of "for us to eat, something must die". A very true statement. 

And yet, my family and I were trying to come up with foods where something did not have to die. Fruits and vegetables are sketchy - the trees don't die but the fruits themselves, arguably, do. 

We eventually settled on two foods: milk and honey. Nothing dies for either of those things to be produced. (There are arguments about whether a cow should be kept in a perpetual state of milking or whether we should drink milk but nothing dies for it to be produced. Same with honey.) 

Milk and honey are not two foods I put together very often but they are the foods that are used to describe the land that God is sending the Hebrew people to in their long story from Egypt. A land flowing with milk and honey. 

I wonder, now thinking about it, if that was simply meant as a metaphor for, a land flowing with so much life, more life, and then just a bit more. That seems to be always the land the Divine is calling people toward: the land with more life than we can imagine. 

is it secret?