I recently read this:

... they cater to those who have had bad past church experiences. Sometimes the ideas of sin, judgment, condemnation, and hell are terrifying. But the resolution to this terror is not to water down the truths of the bible, but rather to trust in Jesus's victory over death and the unimaginable love he has for us. 

I often read things like this and wonder how this person might react if someone were to call them a white-washed tomb, hypocrite, blind guide, Pharisee, creating followers who are twice the children of Hell they are. 

Would the sin, judgment, condemnation and hell be met with, "Ah, thank you for not watering down the truths and terror of the Bible... I do appreciate it..."? 

Is there any chance that what caused the Pharisees to be so misguided was their insistence on sin, judgment, condemnation, and hell to a Jesus who seemed to operate quite differently, and in a different kingdom, with the definitions and understandings of those words? 

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