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Like Wise. A Story. Part 4.

This is a story about my neighbor. Not Wise, but another neighbor. Not Billy, but another neighbor. Not Saul, but another neighbor. 

This is a story about Moses. Moses is not like Wise or Billy or Saul. 

Moses is an African-American pastor who was born in Chicago, Illinois. He had a pretty rough childhood which he often talks about in his sermons. He was in gang and he did some terrible things to people but that was before he "found God". 

Everything changed when that happened. 

Moses is not like Wise. Moses' son is still alive - even if he doesn't have a relationship with him because he doesn't approve of his "hedonistic lifestyle". Moses is not like Billy, although both men did grow up without any kind of healthy father-figure and they both, when honest, admit that reality hurts them to this day. Even so, Moses would find Billy to be a reprobate because of his lifestyle and Billy would see Moses as barely human because of his skin color.  Moses is not like Saul. Saul tends to sleep around with as many women as his wealth and travel schedule allow. Moses' wife passed away about 10 years ago and the idea of ever remarrying, let alone sleeping with someone, is a terrible "sin" in his eyes. 

Moses like to preach. So does Wise, but in a different way. So does Billy and so does Saul. They all believe very strongly about what they preach and they all think very little of each other. And they preach that too. 

All of them are scared the world is going to hell in a hand basket but for very different reasons. 

Wise thinks people like Billy, Saul and Moses are the major problem. 
Billy thinks people like Wise, Saul, and Moses are the major problem. 
Saul thinks people like Wise and Moses are the major problem (and Billy - but he can't admit that publicly as it might hurt his image a bit). 
Moses thinks people like Wise, Saul and Billy are the major problem. Lord come quickly. 

This is a story about all of them. 

results not rules.

Like. Wise. A Story. Part 3.