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results not rules.

Here's a thought interrupting Like Wise. 

If you have a partner of any kind (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, lover, friend) you want them to do the things you want them to do without having to ask them for it. 

No one wants someone to bring them flowers after they say "I really wish you would bring me flowers." That's alright, but we really want the person to bring the flowers because they already know we want flowers. We didn't need to ask. 

The flowers are a result of something.

A result of love. 

Flowers are not a rule to get love. 

Jesus, I think, pointed to the same kind of ideas with the law. 

Behavior is an effect, a result, an indicator of something else. 

It is not a way to get that thing. 

It's not about adultery. It's about seeing humans as humans. If you see humans as humans you won't commit adultery. If you don't commit adultery, you won't necessarily see humans as humans but you'll think you're doing everything right.

It's not about murder. It's about seeing your enemies as the same as you. If you see your enemies as the same as you, you won't murder. If you don't murder, you won't necessarily see your enemies as the same as you.  

Religion is backward. It starts with a rule and thinks it will get somewhere. The only place it gets is judgment, arrogance, and false pride. 

Jesus wanted to change that. I think that's why he said the entire law (all the rules) hinge on love. If you know you are loved, if you love others, you'll see some results and won't need to worry about rules. 


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