Like. Wise. A Story. Part 3.

This is a story about my neighbor. Not Wise, but another neighbor. Not Billy, but another neighbor. 

This is a story about Saul. Saul is not like Wise or Billy. 

Saul is very wealthy. I don't know how much money Saul has but I assume he has enough to spend as much as he wants on anything he wants at anytime. He doesn't worry about money. 

Wise and Billy do not have a lot of money. In fact, both of them work paycheck to paycheck. 

They say money doesn't make someone happy. I believe that. But I do think that having a private jet, a house in Nice, in Maui, in Los Angeles and in New York City would be nice. I also think that being able to see anyplace in the world whenever you want would be nice. 

But Saul isn't that nice, which I assume, means he's not that happy. Happy people are usually pretty nice people. He's rich, but he's not nice. 

Saul did start a foundation with his money about 12 years ago. The foundation was called Saul's Guns and it was dedicated to helping out our vets and active service men and women. Saul likes to work out. He's big and buff and handsome and, in addition to having lots of money, has all the things that people are supposed to be on the outside to measure success. 

So, he started a foundation that would provide free gym memberships for service personnel. He traveled around the world to tell people how much he cared for the troops - and to tell the troops themselves at different bases. He's seen a lot of the world. 

Saul is not like Wise. Both of his parents are still alive. Saul is not like Wise. He is not married and doesn't have kids. Saul is not like Billy. He's not racist. In fact, Saul is a Jew and Jews are some of the other people that Billy and his Uncle and his dad would not be too happy with. 

To recap where we are so far...

Wise is the enemy. Billy is the hero. Saul is a hero for supporting the heroes. 
Wise lost his son. Billy lost his childhood. Saul lost what it means to be happy. 

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