turn your back on god...

Christians sometimes have a tendency to throw this phrase around: “Be careful, lest you turn your back on god….” (they don’t really say “lest” but it’s usually spoken like a dire warning from a medieval wizard so I went with it.)

Since I have had it served my way a few times, I’d like to take a moment to throw it back.

If we want to talk about turning our back on God, we should probably talk more about these kinds of things:

  1. Turning our back on the LGBT community.

  2. Turning our back on refugees and immigrants.

  3. Turning our back on the largest prison population in the world (the U.S.)

  4. Turning our back on Palestine and the greater Muslim community (for Israel).

  5. Turning our back on the Earth and the species being systematically destroyed.

  6. BONUS: Turning our back on mystery for the sake of knowledge and answers.

It’s curious to me that, generally speaking, the Christians most afraid of “turning their back” - and who love to hand out the warning the most - have no problem turning their back on the people that Jesus most equated with himself, the “enemies” the prophets warned of treating as enemies, and the planet and animals that they love to speak of as “God’s creation” while murdering it. BONUS: A point of that creation story was if you’re so desperate for knowledge that you forsake mystery, well, be careful, everything starts to go to shit from there.

Reasons #…. well…. I’ve lost count at this point… that I’m not a Christian.

Reasons #…. I’m humbled and challenged to keep on seeing, living, and loving as best I can.

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