margarita mix

In the winter, we sometimes leave stuff outside - like most people. It’s a big refrigerator. Well, we’ve had a bottle of margarita mix on our deck for about four months.

The funny thing is that as spring has come on the scene, and we’ve cleaned up the deck, brought out furniture, bbq’d… I stopped seeing the bottle.

I walked by it probably a hundred times and when my wife brought it inside last night, it really rattled me. My brain stopped registering its existence. I didn't see it and didn’t believe that it was still there.

Which brings up an important point. Repetition, ritual, comfort, and consistency obviously has its place but it can also lead to blindness if we’re not careful.

I think this is probably why most of the great wisdom teachers ask us to make sure we don’t get too complacent with anything in life, even amidst discipline and ritual.

Shake it up. It keeps us seeing.

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