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two months.

Two months from today I'll be at The Bing. Speaking, creating, carrying out a really cool - I think - experience. 

When I'm not sweating and fighting my desire to run away, I'm really excited about it. 

I'd love for you to take a look at lightslikeus.com. As blog readers, not only do I hope you're there on May 3 but I hope you'll bring some friends because the more, definitely, the merrier. 

Also, I gave a shoutout to Aaron McHugh a while back and I'll give him another... I got to sit in his bus and have an interview last weekend and the podcast is up! Give it a listen (iTunes link) if you like. Aaron is a cool dude, living a good life, doing pretty amazing things, and it was awesome to hang with him. I think you'll like the interview and the podcast. 

the law.

everyone and no one.