yeah, yeah, yeah...

We all know this it seems almost ridiculous to type out. But, the things people tell me and the way they talk, would seem to indicate that we don't quite have it. 

Church is not the point.

Jesus didn't come to start a church, to tell people to go to church, or even to go to church/temple himself. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah... of course, Ryan! 

What if church didn't exist? At all. What would replace all of the "where do you go to church" and "they stopped going" and "they started going" and "this church is really good" and "this church is exploding" conversations? 

I mean this honestly. So much of "religion and/or spirituality and/or god" is centered around a very specific and small expression of the words that I, sometimes, wonder what else there is? 

What would be the thing that would replace that measurement? Is there anything else? Is that why church continues to be a gauge? 

What if it is was love? 

Where do you love? They stopped loving_____. They started loving______. This love is really good. This love is exploding. 

Wow, that would be cool. 

thoughts, spiritualrsjm