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My friend was telling me that Pete Holme’s show Crashing was just renewed by HBO - it has about 350,000 viewers. The top show of 2017 The Big Bang Theory with 18.5 million viewers.

In 2017 there were 487 scripted shows - a new record. In 2010 there were 216. 

In 1983 the M*A*S*H finale had 106 million viewers. In 1993, Cheers finale had 80.4 million. In 1998 Seinfeld  had 76.3 million and in 2004 the Friends finale had 52.5 million. 

It's possible the shows became less good over the years. 

It's more possible that as there is more to choose from, the numbers for everything goes down. 

Which means, since we're now in a world inundated with choice, there are going to be less people choosing every thing... including whatever you are doing. It's a diluted world. 

Which means we have to adjust how we measure. We have to adjust what we expect. And, maybe, most importantly, we have to adjust the way we measure our tribes.

you can’t not.

yeah, yeah, yeah...