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to the critic. two.

We all have a critical side. We all play the role from time to time. So these are as much to myself (or at least to my ego) as they are to the critics "out there" (although I'm fine if they read these too.)

The Joker said it to his girlfriend in the 1989 remake of Batman. 

They're both looking in the mirror. 

She says: You look fine. 

He responds: I didn't ask. 

It's Jack Nicholson and he's playing The Joker. Well. But, it's a question worth asking.

Rule Two: Talk to the people who are asking. If none are, well...

Who is asking? What are they asking? Why aren't they asking? Why are they asking? 

I can guarantee you this: If we are being the critic to someone who didn't ask for our opinion, you and I deserve the same response that Jack Nicholson gave. We shouldn't be surprised when we get it. 

Spend more time earning the question and answering those questions than being a critic. 




to the critic. three.

to the critic. one.