It might be the thing I struggle the most with: the line of more and enough. Move too far either way and things aren't great: I can be content with nothing of meaning or I could never be satisfied with everything in the world. 

I've recently realized I need to answer a more important question. How much is enough? 

In other words...

How many people do I need to impact? One? Five? Ten thousand?

To be enough. 

How many blog readers? Ten? Fifty? Two-Hundred Thousand? 
How many book purchases? Hundred? Thousand? Million? 

To be enough. 

How many likes? 
How many nice emails? 
How many changed stories? 
How many.... 

And on and on the list goes... at what point would I think I've had enough? Not the cliché answers but my honest and authentic answers.

They don't necessarily have to be a number. Maybe it's an amount that supplies something else. But the point is that I will never have enough unless I start to define it. 

Neither will you. 

It's a question I've been thinking a lot about lately... 


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