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the ice maker.

There was an ice maker just sitting there. It had worked in the past but it wasn't working that day. And it drove us crazy. 

It was almost there. Almost ice.  So tempting.

If it had never been there it wouldn't have been near as annoying. If we had never known we could have had ice, we wouldn't have cared.

It would have been way nicer to have disappeared than to be there, not working.  

The things that bug us the most are usually the things that we know what to expect and we aren't getting it. We know it should be working and it's so close but it's not.

In other words, we hate the busyness of our lives because we know how our lives, our time, is supposed to work not because we are clueless.  

So good news. We know the right solutions, the way things are supposed to be - all we need to do is fix them.  

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