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a deadly selfie.

There are a few stories like this every year. But when we were in Hawaii this past summer we went to a waterfall where a girl had died a few months earlier taking a selfie. Since then, the paths leading up had been closed and no one was allowed to the top anymore. 

Of course, you can't help but hear the story and ache. She died for a selfie? 

I was recently with a friend (in a leadership position) who was telling me about an issue in his company that had taken over everything for a while because of a picture on social media. I said "No one in your position would have ever had to waste time on this 10 years ago." He nodded. The time and energy that was spent and is being spent to clean it up...

There are so many posts and articles and books and speeches about social media that we all think we know the deal. But we don't. 

How has social media benefited your life? How has it not? 

The first step in any addiction is admitting a problem. Do we have one? Some of us do and maybe some others don't. But we better be willing to seriously ask and analyze the question every day. 



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