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mental health and good samaritans...

Another shooting. But, we all knew another senseless, horrific, devastating tragedy was coming, right? 

Three key things I recently read that give insight into our current culture. 

1. "Officials did not say whether Kelley was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot or by one received from a good Samaritan who pursued him from the church." 

Just real quick: the point of the Good Samaritan story was a man who took care of his enemy at the risk of his own life, not a man who shot someone to protect others. 

I'm not saying that this man didn't do a good thing. But he didn't do a "good Samaritan" thing. It's important to not confuse those. 

2. Trump, referring to the shooting at a Texas church, said that mental health is the issue and that the shooting was not a guns situation.

Just real quick: a mental health issue with guns is generally much worse than a mental health issue without guns.  

Just real quick. If we're going to play that one, let's be consistent. 

Mental health is the issue, not terrorism, or Islam, or ISIS, or jihad, or the caliphate, or radicalized Muslims.

Just real quick. Trump signed a bill that revoked Obama era restrictions for people with mental illness and access to guns. 

3. The Attorney General of Texas said "It's going to happen again..." 

That one, I agree with. In part, because of the first two statements. 


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