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you'll never regret that.

I've never met one person who has told me that they regretted taking a trip somewhere. It doesn't mean they don't exist but I've never met one of these rare species. Even if they went in debt, even if they had to go without coffee for months to save, even if they didn't think they should have, I've never met someone who went to Europe and said, yeah I wish I had bought a new couch instead. 

Speaking of a new couch. 

I've met hundreds of people who have sold couches and cars and clothes and have said things like "How do I own so much crap?" and "Where did this come from?" and "What was I thinking?" 

I understand we all need couches. 

But, if you're considering buying a new couch or traveling somewhere, please, for the love of all that is good in the world, take the damn trip and get the couch later. Or get a cheaper couch. Or stick with the couch you own. 


don't tell my mom.