sparks joy.

One of the tag lines of the de-clutter/minimalism movement is "Does it spark joy?" When you're asking what to keep and what not to keep, ask whether or not it sparks joy. 

I recently purchased a pair of jeans that were a little more expensive than my typical jeans and they sparked joy. I put them on and loved them. I don't want to wear any other pants. In fact, I'm getting rid of most of my other pants. They don't spark joy. 

The idea is that you only wear and have things that fill you with joy - not the ones that you have sunk money into or that your mother-in-law gave you or that you just can't get rid of because that would mean... 


it extends to what we do. 

Our lives are cluttered. Not just in what we own but in what we do. 

Does what you are doing today spark joy? 

Of course, there is work and effort and toil... but even then, are you working toward something that sparks joy?

Does Instagram spark joy? Does Facebook? Does binge watching Game of Thrones? 

If they do, great! If they don't, I suggest you find a new pair of jeans. 

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