it's not just 5 minutes.

This is critical.

So many of us are wondering where our time goes... Does she have more time in the day than I do, because it sure seems like she does. Of course, he doesn't. Neither does he.

Why does it seem like it? 

Hidden time.

According to some studies, it takes up to twenty-five minutes to re-engage in something once you've been interrupted. For example, you're working on a new painting and you check your email. 

You check it because it only takes "5 minutes" to check it and respond. The problem is that you just wasted 30 minutes because it's going to take you 25 minutes to re-engage with the painting, assuming you don't check a text and/or your email - or Instagram - in the meantime. 

Those are the hidden minutes. 

Is the study accurate? I don't know. Is it 25 minutes or 5 minutes? Not sure. Not sure it matters either. Every time we distract ourselves from something were not only wasting the time of the distraction but we know it's going to take some time to get back into it. We've all experienced it. 

That's why it seems she has more time than you. She's not distracting herself as often as you are. Unfortunately, we're all addicted to these distractions so it's going to take some time and effort - and withdrawl - to not be. 


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