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what authority?

Jesus went in and wrecked the temple. Of course, the priests and religious leaders weren't too happy about him publicly humiliating them and their religious structure - few are today - and so they asked Jesus who gave him authority to do such things. 

His answer was classic Jesus - he didn't give one. Instead he asked another question. 

Well what about John's baptism? Which, really, you could sub in a lot of things. What authority did this or that?

But the point was: Asking authority questions isn't going to get you anywhere. 

Is it God? Is it human? 

Can you even separate them? 

I wonder if instead of asking Jesus how he had the balls to talk negatively about their religion, what would have happened if they had simply wondered why so many people were on board with Jesus when he was shredding them? And following the guy for something better? And seeing through their religious charade for what it was. 

Once again, did this happen? I don't know. But I feel like it happens most every day all around me. 

watch this. please.

phone jacks.