phone jacks.

Remember when houses had phone jacks?  Remember when we needed to plug our phone into those phone jacks? 

We've been repainting our house and we've been reminded of these holes in our walls with receptacles for a technology that is no longer useful because we've moved on to something better. We've changed. We've evolved. We created a new way and, because of that, the old way is dead.  

We could find some old phones to plug in. We could ignore them. We could try to fill them in. If we build a house, we sure won't install them, but they're currently everywhere, like ancient relics in a church building. 

Which brings me to church. 

Start looking for phone jacks. They're everywhere. 

And your religion. 

They're probably in your company too. 

And your mind. 

What are you going to do with them? 



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