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new doesn't work that way.

America was once new. (Really, it's still considered to be pretty new.)

White people in the new land called America was once new. There were other people living here first. 

Christianity was new to Judaism. Evangelical Christianity was new to Christianity. The "moral majority" was new to Evangelical Christianity. Most of today's theology is the "new stuff".  

If you're American, White, or Christian (especially Evangelical) or yikes, all three, you don't get to decide when new suddenly ended. It doesn't work that way. Everything about you is new. That's the only way you're here and it's most of what you believe.

If you're no longer on board with new, I'm sorry, but there were others in history that were not on board with you and your ideas when they came into power, and, fortunately and unfortunately, new always, eventually wins. (Sometimes in terrible ways, like stealing a land and killing the people in it.)

So, you can fight it, but you're going to lose. Eventually. 

New is coming. It always does. Maybe instead of fighting it, join it, participate in it, contribute to it, and craft it to be an exciting and better new than the new it's going to be anyway. 


owed trust.